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ENQUIRIES CALL 0845 0702520


Our mission for 2020 and beyond is to support and grow our customers with the continued provision of world class engineering services through the creation of low carbon solutions tailored for them


About Construction and Maintenance - the business

Electricity North East (Construction and Maintenance) Limited is the market leading provider of COMA (Control, Operation and Maintenance agreements) in the North East and Yorkshire. Across our group we have over 30 years experience helping our customers to maintain and efficiently run their private network . We’ve been on hand 24 hours a day, 365 day a year to assist with any need; from rapid fault response, to light refurbishment, through to large scale construction and expansion. We are experts in our field and also seek to deliver a value engineered solution to our client projects.

More recently working alongside our customers, we’ve seen a dramatic change in the next level of challenges our commercial, industrial and retail electricity users face. Our customers are challenged with a tri-factor of difficulties:

1. Ever rising energy prices.
2. The need for increased capacity to feed system automation.
3. A desire to rise to the social & economic goal of decarbonising our economy.

External Partnerships

ENECML have agreed strategic partnerships with key delivery partners, carefully selected to meet the same standards of expertise, safety and compliance as we expect to deliver in our direct core business services.  

We demand the same high health and safety standards and customer support levels as ENECML whilst recognising the added value new and wider services in areas such as renewables bring to our portfolio, thereby expanding the industry leading deliverable solutions for our customers.