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Solar Power

A cost effective, reliable and versatile solution for distributed generation and self-sufficient energy and we are now able to offer Solar Photovoltaic (PV) to both existing and new customers.

Solar power is still at the heart of tailored, distributed generation solutions due to its cost-effectiveness, reliability, versatility and speed of deployment and now our solar electricity installed solutions can help meet your energy needs without any up-front direct capital expenditure in the scheme.

With a choice of smart funding solutions, you decide how you fund the switch to low carbon energy. This can be installed as a complete turnkey purchase option or as a fully funded power only solution, whereby the electricity is delivered and billed through a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA), giving you a known cost of energy for the duration of that PPA.

We are targeting a 20% reduction in the cost of energy, for all energy consumed from the Solar PV, compared to the current cost of energy purchased at your site.

With our knowledge of the electricity market and connections throughout the North West, we are ideally placed to offer a Solar PV installation to our customers. As a tried and tested technology, Solar PV is one of the most efficient low-carbon generation technologies on the market.

Solar PV is a proven form of renewable energy generation, typically installed on the roof of a building but can also be ground mounted, Solar PV converts light energy into electricity and is able to provide onsite generation to power your building or operations.

As we move towards a decarbonised energy system Solar PV is one of the most proven technologies to be installed to aid our shift towards a less carbon intensive energy supply. Solar PV has no moving parts and thus operation and maintenance for these systems is relatively low compared with other behind the meter generation assets such as diesel engines. It allows you to create your own energy on site and have less reliance on grid supplied power whilst also reducing your organisations carbon footprint and electricity costs.

Most business operators have recognised the sense in deploying low carbon energy as a part of their whole energy demand solution. The government and the district network operators including Electricity North West plc are committed to encouraging and supporting locally generated energy solutions, with grants and smart funding solutions available. Electricity North East (Construction & Maintenance) Limited provides engineering and maintenance solutions for businesses across the UK and is able to install your Solar PV system whether it be designed as a roof, ground or as a carport system.

The right solution for you will be determined following our free initial consultation and desktop outline business proposal. Working with our partners SAS ENERGY, one of the UK’s leading EPC contractors in Solar PV, before we begin any project we need to collect the data on energy usage for your site to ensure that any system we design is specifically built for your energy needs. By reviewing the data collected we are able to provide a desktop proposal which outlines both CAPEX and funded options for your proposed solar PV system

If you wish to proceed  
We will then undertake a full site feasibility study which incurs a cost, if you progress with the project this cost is incorporated within the overall project cost.

Electricity North East (Construction and Maintenance) Limited is committed to protecting our customers, people and the environment.

With our own in-house Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) team responsible for the implementation of policy and standards, we work to some of the most stringent safety standards in the industry.

Our operational procedures, safety standards and delivery capability has enabled the company to attain the following accreditations:

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