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Demand Side Response

The energy landscape is fundamentally changing. As more renewable energy sources come online, our power infrastructure needs more flexibility. Grid operators need new ways to balance energy demands and Demand Side Response is the solution.

We offer Demand Side Response services to our customers, generating them income, whilst helping to balance the needs of the Grid.

This technology and virtual power plant portfolio enables us to provide the most optimised solution, generating the largest revenues possible from the potential flexibility of energy usage on your sites.

Why join the scheme? – National Grid offers energy intensive companies the potential to earn extra income from their assets by adjusting power consumption in real-time. National Grid has statutory responsibilities in the UK to ensure the safe operation of the electricity grid which should operate between 49.5 and 50.5 Hertz. As such, it encourages intensive energy users to participate in grid balancing schemes.

Significant financial benefits – The financial and operational benefits for participating companies can be very significant, with sums of up to £70,000 achievable for every megawatt (MW) of average onsite energy consumption saved. This is in return for around six (on average) ‘turn-down’ events per year, lasting for a maximum of 30 minutes each.

DUoS and TRIAD management – Every business uses energy and therefore every business needs to explore ways of mitigating the charges relating to DUoS (Distribution Use of System) and TRIAD (peak tariff charges).

Once our advanced Energy Connect technology platform is installed, we work with you to optimise the way you consume electricity use during peak tariff hours including:

  • automated peak tariff avoidance
  • load shedding strategies & guidance
  • visibility and insights on tariffs and trends

We would be happy to undertake a site audit to explore the potential flexibility that might exist leading to additional financial income for your business.


If you would like further information on solutions for Demand Side Response, please contact us direct to discuss further.

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