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EPC Services

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) is a service we provide for the construction of large infrastructure projects. As a construction and maintenance business we are well placed to provide turnkey solutions for developers and funders of any generation projects. Our balance sheet allows us to work with the strictest of investment criteria and provides you with a bankable counterparty to deliver your project.

We offer the financial stability to entrust the largest of projects combined with the knowledge and expertise to deliver on time, in budget and to certified specification

Our knowledge of design and installation of all types of electrical infrastructure and how this integrates onto our network puts us in prime position to help from feasibility stage right through to construction. Ensuring that your project will be acceptable to the DNO is key to ensuring you do not become unstuck by unforeseen connection charges later in the development process. Delivering our own large scale infrastructure projects has given us the experience of what makes these projects work allowing us to pass this knowledge on to you for your own project.

Work with our experienced teams to deliver your project
We can deliver a turnkey solution for all of your EPC needs providing EPC wrap services to meet investment criteria whilst mitigating risk. Not only can we assist with the construction phase, we can also assist you with application for G99, G5, P28 studies and G100 installations, being involved from the start of your process allows us to work together to ensure the project is a success. Through our buying power and industry connections we are able to procure all materials for these projects at the keenest pricing allowing us to be very competitive with our overall EPC costs

Our Project Management key stages

 While there are many differing project management methodologies the key stages are: