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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is an annual component of our LV Maintenance service. Thermal Imaging allows our engineers to survey connections that may have higher (or lower) temperatures than other similar connections with similar loads.

Checking Connections and Wiring

Any identified high temperature could indicate a loose, over-tightened or corroded connection that results in increased resistance and normally a higher temperature. Equally, a cooler component can be the result current being carried away from the higher-resistance connection. The test also enables the identification of damaged or under sized wires for the loads they are under.
The National Electrical Testing Association (NETA) guidelines advise that where there is a difference in temperature between similar components under similar loads, which exceeds 15C (~25F), then immediate repairs should be undertaken to rectify.

Install Infrared Windows

We can install new LV panels with Infrared windows to allow non-intrusive thermal imaging surveys at any site. Equally, where possible, we can retrofit a solution to an existing panel. IR windows allow users to see view and survey the electrical installations with no requirement for a shutdown or removal of face plates. A thermal imaging camera can be user to see through the window to carry out comprehensive surveys and analysis on the equipment. Live images of the heat emitted from the equipment makes the solution a highly practical and cost-effective option.


If a fuse is identified as too hot when thermal imaging is conducted, it may mean that it is close to its current capacity. It is not just hot items that identify the presence of a problem. If a fuse is faulty, then this would appear cooler than normal temperature.

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